At Oxford Neurology Services, we understand the impact that a chronic condition can have on everyday life.

Neurological disorders like epilepsy, headaches and migraines can cause debilitating symptoms and affect mental health and well-being.

Our patients are treated with a highly personalised approach, with comprehensive assessment and accurate diagnosis.


Common Neurological Disorders

We can offer diagnosis, investigation and management of a range of neurological conditions.

Epilepsy: Characterised by repeated seizures, this is a common brain disorder typically managed with medication.  There are several types of epilepsy, and accurate testing can identify which type you have.

Migraine and Headaches: Migraines are debilitating, severe headaches that can significantly impact daily life. Often lasting several days, they can be triggered by stress, hormonal changes, dehydration, over-exertion, diet, and intense light.

Seizures: Seizures happen when many of the brain’s neurons fire simultaneously very quickly. This change in electrical function can cause convulsions or jerking of the body and range from mild to severe.

Parkinson’s: This is a degenerative condition caused by parts of the brain slowly becoming damaged over time and affecting the nervous system. It causes muscle stiffness and tremors that get progressively worse.

Nerve Problems: